Anja’S Campaign Shoes And More

Anja’S Campaign Shoes And More

Let’s start talking about our little crazy Dutch. Anja is a beautiful Dutchie from the North of Holland. 

She got scouted two years ago by our international Booker Laura. Laura proposed her to one of our partner Agencies in Greece. Anja grew so much as a model and she is committed to become more successful. We are sure that she will become a top model one day! 

Her energy is just amazing. She is funny, witty and a bit naughty. 

Clients keep on telling us that she has an amazing vibe around her. That’s why they keep working with her. 

So, let us tell you a little story… 

When Anja just arrived (it was her first time in Istanbul), she went to a casting for; Shoes and More. Soooooo many agencies attended that casting and who doesn’t want to shoot a campaign, right? 

Anja came in with her sparkling attitude and the costumer was aware of that. They loved her look and asked her if she is able to do a handstand? ‘’Yesss of course I can!’’ she replied full confidence. 

She was extremely happy when we told her that she got the campaign. 

The shooting day was fun and not always easy. She woke up super early because the shooting was in Bolu Abant. (You should definitely google that, it’s a beautiful place in Turkey.) 

Anja worked hard that day and they finished late, but the results are fab! 

In the end our model was double happy, because they gave her two pair of boots. We are talking about quality boots of course!