Benimo Cookie Commercial

Benimo Cookie Commercial

Our fabulous Alex is extremely lucky when it comes to getting jobs. She takes all the commercials and video clips. 

Alexandra is a beautiful girl, who has parents from 2 different countries. No wonder that she’s so gorgeous! Alex isn’t shy and performs like a pro in the castings, especially the commercial castings. She isn’t afraid of the camera at all! 

Our clients keep on telling us how funny she is and that they love her energy. 

The Benimo cookie commercial was her first commercial in Turkey and she felt of course super proud. We shared the same feelings. 

She told us that she ate a lot of cookies that day. Normally models should take care of what they eat, but that day was definitely an exception. And let me tell you something, our Alex loooves chocolate cookies! 

The day of the shooting was a long and tiring day, but our models are tough. They know how to keep their energy up. Alex told us that she thinks it is super cool that when she switches on the television she sees herself sometimes, when the commercial pops up. I mean how cool is that right?