Laura, From Top Model In Turkey To International Booker

Laura, From Top Model In Turkey To International Booker

Laura Charlie is our Canadian Dutchie who lives with us for more than 3 years! 4.5 years ago she came to Turkey. It was her first time and her portfolio was sh... 

Believe me, at that moment we weren’t sure if we wanted her or not. But we are so happy that we gave her a chance! 

God, we didn’t saw this coming. Laura Charlie was like a rocket. Almost whole Izmir was full with her face. Bridal clients kept on calling for her. She had so many great shootings, couple of covers and starred even in one Turkish television series for one episode. 

Our model later went to a football match to watch her favorite team Fenerbahçe. And guess what… The cameras got her, which made her even more popular. 

Laura worked for a couple of years and we understood that we were dealing with a smart young lady, so we offered her another job. We asked her, would you like to become our International booker? She knows the fashion industry very well. Laura Charlie said yes to the offer and we taught her how the job is done. Now she’s traveling in Europe, works in the office and comes with fresh new ideas. We are very happy with the results.