The Best Agency

The Best Agency

Why is Real Models Agency the best Agency in Istanbul (Turkey)? 

Because our team does care about the girls. We are doing our business for more than 6 years and still work with pleasure every day. 

Our team is filled with people who are educated. We started from the bottom and worked our asses up. 

The Agency is not the typical model Agency that has a sponsor or many partners. Nope... It is all about hard work. We are honest to the girls and to our clients and they always appreciate that. 

Our rules are strict and clear. We like to work with a certain discipline and besides that our girls do have their freedom to go out and have fun. Istanbul is a great city and there are so many places to discover. 

Real Models Agency is like a ‘’boutique’’ Agency and we like it that way. For now we keep our focus on the commercial market, where we work with beautiful 36/38 sized girls. For the future we will also open up more to the high fashion market. But step by step of course! 

The commercial market is fun and great for the models. No one is commanding them to lose a lot of weight. In some high fashion Agencies the models are just tooo skinny! And that is not healthy at all... 

Lately we are working with E-Marketing… Real Models is one of the first Agencies in Turkey who does this. It definitely helped us a lot. Our client database has increased more than ever before. This is important because girls come here for work. 

Besides that we are so thankful for having so many (direct) clients who keep on working with us. They became like friends to us and it is the same situation with most of the models. 

Another lovely part about our Agency is that we take girls from all over the world. This is one of the many things Real Models focuses on. We don't just take girls from one country and create some ‘’mafia’’. I am sure you guys understand what we are talking about! The mixed group of models gives the best atmosphere in the model apartment. 

After years of hard work, we see that bigger and bigger jobs are coming to us. The quality of the Agency is rising like a spire and to keep that quality up, our international booking team travels to Europe. We make new connections and visit Agencies that we already work with. Who knows, perhaps in 6 months we are traveling to America as well? 

We believe that energy, focus, transparency and honesty is the key to success.